For action-driven entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to write your website while building (or growing) your list...

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  • How the power of the right words on your website will QUICKLY build your list transforming online browsers into loyal buyers, get this right and you will multiply your sales results… my private clients pay thousands of dollars to get this download and you get instant access at no cost!
  • How to avoid the biggest writing mistake that keeps you from attracting your ideal clients and getting them on your list! (Psst: Most people are missing this piece on their free gift opt-in pages— and they are losing opt-ins!! You can’t even get in the online game and get REAL engagement without it!)
  • 8 powerful questions you will use to lay the foundation for your brand story weaving it into your about page and your free gift opt-in page (these two pages are actually the most visited pages of small businesses online)… 
  • A downloadabe guide book with actionable steps that will teach you how to craft words that grow your list while selling more of your services and products online. 

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When I'm not writing websites for influential 6 and 7 figure marketers, like Amber McCue and Rick Mulready, I'm teaching aspiring and rising entrepreneurs like you how to sell more of your services and products online.

Some Fun Details About Me... 

My current addictions are Shark Tank and devouring books about marketing and personal development (I just finished Ask and it is Given). 

Yes, that’s right. My name is Sarah Grear, and I’m a marketing-aholic with a love for all things personal transformation.

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What Other AMAZING Brands Say About Sarah’s Training...  

Self-made millionaires and billionaires get copy support 

Self-made millionaires and billionaires get help when they know there is someone out there that can do something better than they can. 

Sarah's copywriting support is one of those somethings for me. It is so clear that it is the absolute right thing to get some help in this area!!!

Amber McCue | Long Beach, Ca | NiceOps.com

1,574 Subscribers and My List is Still Growing 

As soon as I hit publish on Sarah's copy the sign-ups started flooding into my inbox. 

Within 24 hours my list grew by 153 subscribers. My list is steadily growing from creating the free gift opt in page with Sarah to build my list.  

I’ve gained a total of 1,574 new subscribers within my target market, which for me, means money in the bank. Now because of this free gift, I confidently send people directly to that page and easily capture their emails in a unique way. 

Sherri Calosso | Rancho Palos Verde, Ca | SherriCalosso.com

I wanted to book myself for a session after Sarah’s copy coaching! 

Receiving copy coaching by Sarah Grear really helped breathe life into my website. She taught me how to speak directly to my potential client and guided me on how to make my site be an experience instead of just information about me. 

Kristin Dwan | AltaDena, California | TheHealingWoods.com

I tripled my opt-in rate with Sarah’s copy support!

The opt in rate for my recent campaign was more than 3 times any previous campaign. Sarah's copy support hit the bullseye.  

Not only did my opt in rate skyrocket, but people also commented on the emails themselves -- that they were great. My experience working with Sarah was a complete pleasure. Fun, timely, professional, all around excellent.

Anne Dickinson | Hudson, MA | EyeOnYourBusiness.net

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